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Buy the bus in Phoenix... Clean it all... Start building... Take care of the plumbing... Let's hit the road!!!!

La Brigade

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The experience

Starting juin 2018


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They talk about us!

On the road

Live the adventure everywhere

La brigade is a hotel itinerant travel across all America. The bus is fully equipped and energy independent to enjoy every moment by being comfortable. The goal is to travel by welcoming travelers who wish to experience an amazing adventure.
The bus can accommodate groups up to 4 people in total.

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Next trips

You can see the different place where we will be really soon

After one year travelling in latine America welcoming more than 40 people, we decided to make new tours in north america that will start in juin 2018 from Montréal.
The tours are now available, you can book you place for a tours of two weeks in different kind of landscape.

Discover countries
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Activities on the bus

The bus will be full equipped to enjoy every moment

Thanks to our partners, La Brigade have a lot of different equipment to enjoy every moment in the trip. Our objective is to provide the best activities for each spot. Each country has its specialities, like Mexico with its fantastic lake for fishing or Belize which is one of the most beautiful place for snorkelling... Any time we want, we enjoy, try, and discover new things with different amazing people.

Kayak icon


Two beautiful foldable canoe to enjoy each and every lake, beach and mangrove...

Kayak illustration
Paddle icon


Also some paddles which are amazing for a early ride on a calm and quiet beach.

Paddle illustration

and much more...

If you want to practice snorkelling, biking, surf, or just play soccer in a desert of salt.. La Brigade is waiting for you! We always want to discover new things, so we are open to realize every crazy idea with you!

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Thanks to everyone who participated in this adventure

The goal of La Brigade is to bring the best of every member of our squad. We all know that we can go very fast by ourselves but we’re definitely going further together!
Thanks to them we are now on the road and ready to welcome you!
Thank you "Brigadier"!!


Swipe to discover us:

Benoit Lafond


Ben, "la Maquina”, will take the best pictures of you, design your website or fish and make you the best ceviche ever.
He is not tall but he is rapid and will do everything to make your trip as perfect as possible.

Paul Aubert


Paul speaks four languages is like a tour operator and know the most beautiful place in each countries. With him your travel will be amazing.



The Irish, if you like to chill, he is your man!
He will cook you the best meat, serve the best wine or find the most perfect restaurants.
He is also the best wood floor installer you can found, we got proof of it! ;)
Thanks, Max la Menace!



Tonio, the Slave, if you need anything from him, he will never say no (just kidding ;)).
He is not only a handsome man, he’s a crafter. If Natasha is so pretty now its thanks to his master skills as a cabinet maker.
If you like our bus and want to hire his talents contact him through us!
Thanks, Tata!



Vince, The Artist, he will draw what-ever you want, thanks to him our School bus was born as “Natasha”.
Moreover if you want a "cuba libre”, go for it, there is nothing like drinking rhum with this guy!
Thanks, l'Artiste



The adventurous coder, unfortunately unable to join us for the adventure yet, he's already helping us big deal by building the website from scratch and remotely! If you need a website he's definitely your guy!
Thanks Guignol!