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Buy the bus in Phoenix... Clean it all... Start building... Take care of the plumbing... Let's hit the road!!!!

La Brigade

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The experience

Our awesome bus

Natasha is on the road
come visit it

The Bus

Ready to go on a crazy adventure

We worked hard for about a hundred days to build our new home. Natasha is fully equipped with a living room, a kitchen, a shower and a bedroom. You will find everything to make this place your home. The best spot is still the roof where we installed a beautiful terrasse. Check it out!

The Bus
Cockpit Living Room Kitchen Shower & WC Beds Trunk Terasse


Where the road goes by...

The cockpit is where we spent lots of time riding Natasha, hitting the road.

Living Room

Where you drink wine!

This place allowed us to have different kind of set-up we can have a comfortable sofa to enjoy the road or to watch a movie on the projector. We can also have 3 single bed or a master king size depend on our guest.


Ceviche? Let’s do it!

La Brigade love to cook and to discover new product, you will try and taste our meals or cook if you want. You can also drink a beer or a glass of wine on the bar.

Shower & WC

Save water...

Natasha is equipped with a shower, a nice seat and a window to watch the landscape. We have 2 tank of fresh water welded under the bus that allow us to never missing.


Good night man!

Natasha also need to sleep, this why we have a huge bedroom for two or more... With two fans you will sleep perfectly.
Wake up, open your eyes and enjoy the moment.


Easy game!!

To organise all our gears our trunk is perfect, we can put our Kayak, games and our batteries. You just need to open it and take what ever you want to do.


And… the place to be!

The perfect spot for everything if you want to eat, read book, playing golf or baseball and of course watch a movie. You can also sit on the roof to admire the nature.